Being a new foundation, that is driven with commitment and love of less privilege at heart. MMF carried out some outreach at various communities while waiting for partnership and donor funding. Among them are;

a)  Free Medical Outreach at Nazareth Baptist School, Kuchikau Phase 2 Karu LGA Nasarawa State 2nd June 2018. The following were services provided in the community:

Health Talk/Counseling; Counselling and HIV Screening; Deworming of Children/Adult; Vitamin A Supplement; Test and Treatment of Malaria; Distribution of treated Mosquito nets to the pregnant; Breastfeeding mothers & the aged; Vaccine against River Blindness; BP Check, Blood Level check; Blood tonic for Anemia; General Consultant. 

b)  Lunching of Dignity Kit at Kutara Tataradna Village IDP camp Luvu Karu LGA Nasarawa state 29th Sept 2018. The lunching was center on Girl Child Orientation and Sensitization on Reproductive & Sexual, Personal & environmental hygiene Distribution of Dignity Kit (content: sanitary pad, pant and shaving sticks) Family Planning for the Married at the IDP camp, Test/Treatment of Toilet Infections major on Women and children and as well as men provided disinfectant for the women.

c)  Free Medical outreach at Gora Eshi village Along Keffi-Abuja Express way Nasarawa state 13th October 2018, Theme Maternal and child Health Care  like the other outreach the following were the services provided; Health talk/Counseling, Awareness and Screaming for HIV/AIDS, Antenatal Clinic Service,(Routine drugs were provided for the pregnant women) Family planning Service, Deworming Of Children Distribution of treated mosquito nets, General Consultation.

d)  Visits to Honour Ground Orphanage Auta Kari LGA,13th October 2018, at the visits the following were given to the home the kids were Deworm, Vitamin A Supplement was given to the children and Distribution of food stuff.

e)  Medical outreach  Live bridge Charitable Foundation in Collaboration with Mercy Michael Foundation at Ruga Community Wuye Abuja 1st December 2018 .The following are the activities 1. Blood sugar level screening 2. HIV/Aids screening 3. Hepatitis screening 4. STD5. Deworming/Vitamin A6. Counseling 7. Drugs dispensing8. Condom distribution.

f) IDPs Kiddies Funfair @ Kutara Tataradna Village IDPs Camp,8th December 2018,the activities comprises of 1. psychosocial counselling /Motivational Talk2. Distribution of food stuffs3. Distribution of Cloths & Shoes4. Provision of Sporting Kits Jersey, football 5. Dinning and winning, dancing galore.

g.)  Fight against Child Molestation with Anti Immortality Squad (AIMS) at LGEA Wukara village along Airport road AAbuja,5th March 2019. The following were the topic discussed; Physical and sexual abuse, Fear , Self-esteem, Molestation and child molestation, What it means to be molested, What to do and Who to report to.

h)  Medical/Dental/Ophthalmology/Surgical mission by Association of Nigeria physicians in America (ANPA). April 5-10 2019,Jiwa,Tunga Kwaso,Kubwa,The following are the activities 1. General consultation and treatment 2. Eyes screening 3. Glasses given4. Dental service 5. Surgery.

i) Medical outreach  Fadem in conjunction with His House Ministry Kaduna, Mercy Michael Foundation Abuja 11th-13 April 2019 in Kaduna State. The following are the activities 1. General health talk2. Consultation3. Vitamin A supplements4. Deworming5. Blood test/screening for HIV6. Hepatitis 7. Malaria 8. Typhoid and treatment.

j) World Malaria Day at Tunga 25th April 2019,The following are the activities 1. Awareness on malaria2. Diagnosis and treatment of malaria 3. HIV counseling and screening 4. Distribution of treated mosquito nets 5. Deworming & Vitamin A administering.

k)  Free eyes screening with Tulsi chanrai Foundation eye hospital at Masaka primary health care Kari LGA Nasarawa 20th May 2019. Following are the activities 1. Visual/eyes screening2.  optical refraction3.  surgery for those who have cataract 4. Consultation.

l) Health outreach with Junior chambers International (JCI).@ Kugbo Abuja 25th May 2019 The following are the activities 
1. BP Check2. HIV test and screening 3. Distribution of treated mosquito nets 4. Deworming5. Family planning 6. Distribution of birthing kits7. Consultation 8. Scanning for pregnant women9. Health talk

m) Orphan carnival with Voice of orphans and diaspora initiative (VOADI). 27th May,2019. NUC Abuja. The following are the activities1. Malaria test and treatment 2. Deworming 3. Administration of vitamin A4. Beauty parade 5. Bible verse recitation 6. Quran recitation 7. Cultural dance8. Hand craft presentation 9. Dancing competition 10. Crowing of queen11. Presentation of awards/scholarship12. Official unveiling of VOADI.

n) The Library Project with The Lean Perspective Inc at L.E.A primary school Tunga kwaso Deidei 20th June 2019The library was built and books were also donated to the school, launched by former chairman Bwari area council Hon Dikko.

o)  Medical outreach with Sam Empowerment  Foundation, at Garki Village chief palace 22nd June 2019 .The following are the activities 1. Vitamin A supplements2. Deworming 3. Multi vitamin for pregnant women and lactating mothers4. Nutrition assessment and counselling 5. Malaria testing and administration 6. Tetanus vaccination 7. Blood pressure check8. Fasting blood sugar9. HIV test and counseling 10. Family planning 11. Health talk12. General consultation.

p)  International widow’s day with Adonai Health and Development Foundation at Keffi Nasarawa State 23rd June 2019.The following are the activities 1. Words of encouragement/psychosocial support2. Malaria/HIV test & treatment3. Food distribution 

q)  Widows project (skills acquisition and Medicals) with Friends of Christ charity ministry 12th -13th July 2019 @ .Ultra Modern Youth sports center Behind AA Rano. Nyanya Abuja  The following are the activities; Psychosocial support/encouragement, they learn the following base on areas of interestWig making, Nails fixing, Eye lashes fixing, Izal, Liquid soap, Organic soap, Vaseline, Custard, Cake baking, Chin chin, Egg and fish roll, Fascinator hat making, Kunu and zobo, Brand packaging and more packaging, Medicals.

r) IDP camp outreach with Insurance Industry Consultative. 29th June 2019 @ Karmajiji IDP Camp, The following are the activities 1. Sugar test2. BP check 3. Malaria screening and treatment4. Distribution of birthing kits pregnant women5. Scanning for pregnant women 6. Distribution of relief materials7. Distribution of foodstuffs, clothes and shoes. 

s) Medical outreach at the Home of disabilities with 1808 Foundation on  20th July 2019 @ the home of people with disability Karmajiji The following are the activities 1. Sugar test and BP check 2. Deworming and distribution of items for kids

t) Medical outreach with Nigeria Basketball Federation,13th July 2019 @ Galilee Event Center zone 3 Abuja. The following are the activities 1. Health talk on healthy living2. BP, Weight & Height Check3. HIV counseling & Screening4. Hepatitis B & C Screening5. Malaria test and treatment 6. Deworming and Vitamin A supplement for Kids7. Condom distribution
u)  Sensitization on drug abuse and depression with Junior Chambers International (JCI) Arewa Kaduna 7th – 10th August 2019.The following are the activities 1. Flash point visitation visitation, sensitization/walk2. Television morning show on Liberty TV3. Tweet chat4. Radio show on Invicta FM 89.9

 v)  Free Diabetes drugs project at Primary Health care Masaka Nasarawa & Sabo Primary Health Care Centre, Kaduna 4th September 2019 Nasarawa & 21st September 2019 Kaduna   The following are the activities 1. Registration/Enrollment 2. Health Talk 3. Glucose/Sugar Test 4. General Consultation 5. Drugs dispensing

w) Medical outreach with Rotary club Family Days in Sauka Kahuta Village Lugbe Abuja, from 31st October-  2nd November 2019. The following are the activities 1. HIV test and counseling 2. Hepatitis B and C3. Diabetes and glucose level Screening 4. Hypertension screening 5. Tuberculosis screening 6. Nutrition and mental health services 7. Vitamin A and B administration 8. Deworming for children 9. Malaria screening and treatment 10. Insecticide treated mosquito nets distribution 11. Cervical/breast/prostate cancer screening 12. Family counseling and condom supply 13. Sanitary towels for girls 14. Eye cataract test and treatment 15. Dental carex)—–

x) 14th December 2019 IDPs Funfair Loading

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